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  • This is about loop. About beats. About rythms, about simple melody lines that converge to a peak. Short stories intricate in loops rythm and beat. Space and microcosm.

  • This is about a series of articles on some aspects of writing and music production with computer, software and musical gear.

  • Cosmic music, synthtesizer landscape, moving texture melodies and rythm. Music of stars or atoms.

  • Christian Lanctot biography

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  • Christian Lanctot musician is a music composer and producer.Find free tracks on film music, new age, neo-classic. Shoothing, detent, relaxing soundscape...

  • Small beat rythm, vast spacious melodies, synthesizer powerful lines, immensity describe in music. Aliens, multidimensionality, frontiers between worlds and univers disappear. This was in the year 2000: H2K

  • Today's computers can be considered real musical instruments compare to the traditional acoustic ones. So musicality and computer can now live together.

  • Cd album orchestral film music genre. Action, passion, tenderness, sweetness all mixed up in an epic suite.

  • Cd album free piano and orchestra music to download. Smooth, tender soothing atmosphere for relaxation.

  • Tender a lovely Flute music in a New Age genre. Smooth orchestra and coir accompaniment for relaxation.

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  • The main music writing software I used to produce all the albums in this site is the sequencer. How I used it, what I like of it and what I can do with it.

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  • A list and description of music writing software I used to produce all the albums in this site. Some more articles on how I used them, what I like of them and what I can do with them are linked to the main topics.