Music Album Réminiscence.

This Cd album is for piano and orchestra. The intention is for relaxation trough simple melodies supported by a counterpoint of strings and smooth lines. It can be New Age or Neo Classical genre. The listener is taken to another world, another time frame and connect with his inerself. Some little sadness maybe but also hope, joy and lightness. It is interesting to follow the main melody against her accompanying underlines. It is like carrying friends along the trip and not being alone. Everything is intricated. Like life.

You will love these 12 little pieces of music.

Track 1      1-A la manière de Satie                

Track 2      2-Prelude                           

Track 3      3-Oasys

Track 4      4-Pastorale

Track 5      5-Piano Forte

Track 6      6-Angel

Track 7      7-Chineese mode

Track 8      8-Solitude

Track 9      9-Esperance

Track 10    10-Prayer

Track 11    11-Candid

Track 12    12-Epilogue