Christian Lanctot Biography.


I was born in Montréal Canada in 1954.

I am a classically trained musician.

My mother is a classical soprano singer and my father play violin,viola and cello as an amateur.

During my late childhood, we learned and played recorder in family ensemble. Later I studied the piano and at 15, I studied the flute which is my main instrument. During that time I made a lot of chamber music with family and friends playing the baroque and classical repertoire. I also played in orchestra and in many musical activities. I have spent summers times in a musical camp making music under supervision of coaches.

During my twenties I made my study in music college and university and obtained a degree in composition from Universté de Montréal.

After the school, I began to work with synthesiser and midi and was overwhelmed by the possibilities to write and ear the music at the same time. Until now I have delved in this modern tool for producing music and try to master an instrument capable of rendering a high level of musicality in the same way as mastering a traditional instrument.

Every year since then, during my composing period of the year which is mostly winter, I did 45 to 60 minutes of finish music ready to go out.

Since the latest development of computers which allows to produce a Cd quality music, writing music is not enough. We have to learn and master the engineering aspect of producing music. Which is record, mix and master every tracks to the highest quality possible. What can be done today in a home studio rivals professional production of not so far back in time.

So here I am today with a few hats on my head. Composer, player, music engineer and promoter.