Music Album Silver FluteCd lalbum Silver Flute music

This is tender a lovely Flute music in a New Age genre blending with smooth orchestra and coir accompaniment. This music is intended for relaxation. Listen to the magic and evocative sound of the Flute and be carried in a calm and soothing atmosphere.

The concert flute is a brilliant and agile instrument. Melodies flow easily with grace and conviction. Its spirited sound talk to the ear with intimacy and closeness. I love this instrument. I hope you love it to.

Track 1     Silver Flute 1        

Track 2     Sliver FLute 2         

Track 3     Silver Flute 3

Track 4     Silver Flute 4

Track 5     Silver Flute 5

Track 6     Silver Flute 6

Track 7     Silver Flute 7

Track 8     Silver Flute 8

Track 9     Silver Flute 9

Track 10   Silver Flute 10