Music Album Orchestral images.

This Cd album is orchestral film music genre. Action, passion, tenderness, sweetness all mixed up in an epic suite. Today's traditional instruments samples are so closed to realism that the full expressive power of the orchestra is brought to the home studio. Take a seat and listen to the dialog between the one and the multiple. Feel the vulnerability of a small woodwind line against the epic chorus of a brass ensemble. Let you be carried by worlds of emotions. Then...imagine...

Track 1   1- Prelude 

Track 2   2- Gentle Journey  

Track 3   3- Castle Country                                                                                      

Track 4   4- Dwarf March 

Track 5   5- Mysterious Valley

Track 6   6- Enchanted Road

TRack 7   7- Confident Joy

Track 8   8- Ailce's Friends

Track 9   9- Sadness 

             10- Epilogue