Music Album Acid Chriss

Cd Album Acid Chriss free music

This is about loop. About beats. About rythms, about simple melody lines that converge to a peak. Short stories intricate in loops rythm and beat. Space and microcosm.

I did this album in a very short time with Acid software and loops. I tried to make music with simple chunk of audio. Arranging them in a way in something expressive. The result is not so bad.

Track 1        Acid Chriss 1

Track 2        Acid Chriss 2

Track 3        Acid Chriss 3

Track 4        Acid Chriss 4

Track 5        Acid Chriss 5

Track 6        Acid Chriss 6

Track 7        Acid Chriss 7

Track 8        Acid Chriss 8

Track 9        Acid Chriss 9

Track 10      Acid Chriss 10